How can this be!...what are you talking about! must be mental! These are just some of the knee-jerk reactions I've heard when mentioning this statement. Just the same, it's true.

The song title is "The Silent Revolution Of Truth" from the movie/DVD of the same name. This movie is about the ongoing extraterrestrial contactee case of Eduard "Billy" Meier in Switzerland.

Some brief background information:
Meier has been in contact for the past sixty plus years with a race of people called the Pleiadian/Plejarens who look very much like us from the planet Erra in the Pleiades star system. This is the most highly documented case with the clearest UFO photos, sound recordings, films, metal samples and contact notes numbering in the thousands of pages. In these notes are prophetic material written years or months before they later appear in newspapers, magazines, TV and the Internet. Subjects covering 9/11, scientific information such as rings around Jupiter, global warming and other Earth events, natural and political. For more details and info visit:, and:

I was attending the 2006 UFO Congress in Laughlin Nevada with Michael Horn the American Press Rep. for the Meier case. He was one of a three part presentation including Christian Frehner and Wendelle Stevens. During Christian Frehner's presentation he went on to explain about a global contest that was held on the home planet Erra earlier that year. The idea was to come up with a slogan or phrase that would summarize and/or encapsulate the Meier mission that was happening on Earth. The prize would be to visit and meet Meier in Switzerland, plus you had to learn the German language as that is what Meier speaks. The winner of the contest was an eleven year old girl named Cladena Aikarina. These people have a life span in excess of six to eight hundreds years so she really is quite young by all standards. Upon hearing her winning phrase "The Silent Revolution Of Truth". I turned to Michael and said "now that is a great song title, let's write it". A few months later we had the finished song and a great recording which you can listen here: Being that the song title was Cladena's creation she is credited as part of the songwriting collaboration team along with Michael and I. So there you have it, and that is how the first inter-planetary songwriting collaboration came to be.